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Brief History


In the year 1934, it was decided by the provincial officials of Batangas and Tayabas, with the concurrence of Bishop of Nueva Gaceras and latter on the approved by the Gobernador y Capitan Heneral de las Islas Pilipinas and the Archbishop of Manila, that a town established in the immediate vicinity of Sitio Hambujan. This place, now Sta. Lucia, was a famous bathing resort at the time.

Dolores is a mystical town in the province of Quezon, about 98 km. Southeast of Manila. It as composed of 16 barangays, four of which are in Poblacion. It is bounded in the south by Tiaong, the city of San Pablo, Laguna is in the west, while going east can find the municipalities from Laguna are in the northern portion, such as Nagcarlan, Rizal and part of Liliw. Several places have been considered by many people to be mysterious and or miraculous. Temporal and spiritual healings are being practiced, Pilgrims believe that there are some similarities between these places and those that are in Jerusalem, that is why it is being called now as the new Jerusalem of the Philippines.

Today there are more than 70 religious sects practicing their beliefs and rituals in Dolores.