Written by Laarni A. Luico


Office of the Municipal Tourism


Kalayaan Tourism Office as a division is administratively under the Office of the Mayor. The office performs regulatory function over tourism-oriented establishments, does research and evaluation of tourism related statistics, assist the local tour operators, tourists and facilitates special tourism related promotional events.



The Office shall encourage and assist in an orderly development of the tourism industry within Cavinti and ensure that the services the industry provides are of as high a quality as is reasonably possible.??Without limiting the function, the office shall:

(a) Coordinate the activities that provide services for visitors to Kalayaan and ensure that those services are of the highest possible standard;
(b) Endeavour to preserve and stimulate pride in the cultural heritage of Kalayaan;
(c) Use its best endeavors to prevent developments in tourism that, whether air not economic benefits may be gained, have a harmful affect on the social and cultural life of the people;
(d) Discourage development that is likely to intrude on or disturb the daily life of the people or detract from their right to privacy;
(e) Encourage the greatest possible of Kalayaanians participation in the tourism industry;
(f) Use its best endeavors to ensure that Kalayaan obtains the largest possible financial benefit from the tourism industry;
(g) Encourage people from other countries to visit Kalayaan as tourists.


Subject to any regulations, the Office may do all things necessary and convenient for the carrying out of its functions.


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